Beyond the Feed: Post-Algorithmic Marketing for Growth

In a sea of sameness, Beyond the Feed is the only marketing seminar that relieves you from the stress of trying to game an algorithm for growth by reconnecting you to your creative freedom and business values. It's not an ideological seminar about why you should or shouldn't use social media. It's a seminar that helps demystify what it means to market a business in the 21st century and expand your understanding, perspective, and skills to create a more diverse and impactful marketing plan for growth.

Beyond the Feed is a Marketing program that takes you out of algorithmic thinking and places you  back in control of your customer experience and creative output. It is inspired by the idea that most creative businesses are nuanced and therefore marketing efforts should not be approached as a one-size-fits-all. It takes into consideration the role your business plays in your customer’s life, their unique psychographics, and your business goals to build a marketing framework and plan that works.

It’s an empowering look at the fundamentals of business growth and how you can approach your plan from a space of intention over manipulation. Platforms don’t produce what they used to, and the marketing success that most brands saw in early days of social media is no longer replicable. If in the midst of these shifts, you’ve found yourself doubling down instead of stepping back, this program is for you. There are 4 main aspects of this program: Business Goals, Vital Relationships, Core Communication and Amplification. 

Interested? 2022 Program Manual HERE; Program Relaunching 2023!

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🤝 Collaborative learning with an intimate group of businesses. 🌀 A mix of lecture, workshop, case-study and the building of a Marketing Plan.


👫In addition to 4 core lectures with Holly, we are excited to be joined by 8 Guest Lecturers.

Jaime Miller, OMD Worldwide

Harling Ross Anton & Matt Little, Nice Thing Going

Marc Rabinowitz, Squarespace

Alex Daly & Hailey Murphy, Daly Communications

Isabella Giancarlo, Tart Studio

Emma Grace Moon, Affiliate Marketing Consultant


✔️ You'll have access to the recording for up to 1 year, access to a Discord Community of fellow students, along with a number of worksheets and additional resources.


💥 Registration will re-open in 2023! 💲The fee for this program is $2000 and Early Bird Registration is $1750. ➕ Additional team members can join for $500.

Registration will re-open in 2023!
Let's Get Started

This seminar is to reconnect you to your own genius when it comes to deciding how to market your business. I'll help you understand how you decide intentionally where you choose to market your business. We’ll dig much deeper into which platforms really connect you with your consumer community and why. But it goes beyond traditional social media. We’ll take a deeper dive into affiliate marketing, strategic partnerships, cross-promotions, pitching press, and meeting our customers IRL to widen our audience and diversify our strategies to grow. We'll look at everything from financial planning and data analytic, to increasing our own media fluency in order to connect our goals to our marketing strategies, to deepening an understanding of our market and clarifying our messaging all connecting back to our culture.

Program Triangle
  • Day, September 26, 1 12pm-5:45pmEST
  • LECTURE - BUSINESS GOALS - In the first class, we will clarify our business and marketing goals for growth so we ensure all of the strategies we choose build towards achieving our vision.
  • GUEST WORKSHOP - Jaime Miller, OMD Worldwide
  • Day 2, September 27, 12pm-5:45pmEST
  • LECTURE - VITAL RELATIONSHIPS - This class will help us understand our customers on a deeper level—beyond demographics. We will use the concept of psychographics to identify strategic partners, key network relationships, and opportunities for growth beyond the feed.
  • GUEST WORKSHOP - Harling Ross Anton & Matt Little, Nice Thing Going
  • Day 3, September 28, 12pm-5:45pmEST
  • LECTURE - CORE COMMUNICATION - Once we understand our customers on a deeper level and know who we need to connect to for growth, we'll discover how to shape our message based on benefits and the role our product or service plays in our customer's life.
  • GUEST WORKSHOP - Marc Rabinowitz, Squarespace
  • Day 4, September 29, 12pm-5:45pmEST
  • LECTURE - AMPLIFICATION - Now that we know what we're trying to achieve, who we need to connect with, and how we want to communicate, we'll look at where the best place is to meet our customers that both align with our goals and their psychographics. We'll audit our platforms and look at opportunities beyond the feed—both online and IRL—to build our strategies for growth.
  • GUEST WORKSHOP - Alex Daly & Hailey Murphy, Daly Communications
  • Day 5, September 30, 12pm-5:45pmEST
  • GUEST WORKSHOP - Isabella Giancarlo, Tart Studio
  • GUEST WORKSHOP - Emma Grace Moon, Affiliate Marketing Consultant
  • CLOSING REMARKS - Wrapping up the week.
  • STORY SHOWCASE - The last day will include an opportunity to share your key takeaways with a small group of your peers.
Blinking Eye

You should approach this class with a specific product or service launch in mind or a consideration of a revenue stream you are looking to grow. Throughout the week, students will build a skeleton of a marketing strategy starting with clarifying business goals that you will build on after the class ends. On the final day, you will have the opportunity to present your key takeaways to a small group of your peers to get feedback before you continue to build it out company-wide.