Business Growth For Creative Entrepreneurs

Growing a business requires a totally different skill set than founding one. The tools and knowledge an entrepreneur may have used to launch their company are wholly different from what they’ll need to successfully operate and scale it. Sometimes this unfortunate reality is quickly apparent; other times a business limps by for years without any clear structures or systems for growth.

That's where this program comes in. Business Growth for Creative Entrepreneurs addresses the philosophical and practical challenges creative entrepreneurs face in both b2b and b2c settings. Using a customizable framework—not a one-size-fits-all formula—the program reveals the skills needed to grow your business successfully, whether that means expanding an e-commerce startup, growing a lifestyle business, globalizing a service-based company, or moving into a brick and mortar space.

Put simply, this program provides the chance to stop being reactive and start being proactive about growth. Whether you're scaling for an exit or building towards a legacy, Business Growth for Creative Entrepreneurs will teach you how to define or refine your company culture and operationalize it for growth. In an economy where culture speaks louder than brand, and values create greater connections than algorithms, this is the program that puts you on the path to creative freedom and financial well-being while fostering greater internal company cohesion as well as customer reciprocity.

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🤝 Collaborative learning with an intimate group of 30 businesses. 🌀 A mix of lecture, workshop, case-study and practical application.


👫After teaching this program independently for 8 years, this year, Holly has teamed up with Matt Little of Little Business Co. as a co-instructor. Full bios in the Program Manual HERE

As two air signs—Matt a Libra and Holly a Gemini—they lean on their analytical inclinations and gifts of communication to help creative entrepreneurs thrive in a rapidly changing and saturated economic landscape.


✔️ 2 60-minute private consulting sessions, ✔️ 9mo and 1YR lectures, ✔️ 10 books, ✔️ over 100 pages of worksheets & tools, ✔️ 3 guest lectures and more!


💥 Registration now open! 💲The fee for this program is $5000. ➕ Additional team members can join for $1000. Payment plans available.

Let's Get Started

This program requires a serious level of commitment and organization to succeed. It is an intensive, inspiring, and very personal journey that will take you out of the day to day of your business and enable you to see the bigger picture. You’ll dig deep to reflect on your own motivations and where you need to adjust in order to align your vision with your values. You’ll look at what’s not working within your business and you’ll identify new opportunities for future growth. You’ll finish with new tools, boosted by the confidence to grow your business and embrace your role as a leader. You’ll reap the benefits of peer-to-peer learning and create lasting and motivating relationships that will drive you to succeed for the lifetime of your business.

Program Triangle
  • Module 1 — Welcome & Reset
  • Module 2 — Culture
  • Module 3 — Leadership
  • Module 4 — Visioning & Goal Setting
  • Module 5 — Financial Planning
  • Module 6 — Personnel Tools
  • Module 7 — Culture-Building Initiatives
  • Module 8 — Operating Systems
  • Module 9 — Marketing Relationships
  • Module 10 — Marketing Messaging
  • Module 11 — Marketing Systems & Analytics
  • Module 12 — Graduation
Blinking Eye

A clear vision, a defined company culture, a comprehensive roadmap for growth, and strategies to serve your company’s purpose. You’ll outline all of the systems you need to put your new plan into practice, and most importantly, you’ll evolve as a leader and find renewed meaning in your work.


  • Nausette Press
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  • Stefania Giarbado Handmade
  • Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
  • Home/Made
  • Fort Defiance
  • Dry Dock
  • Fulla Shirts
  • Sunny’s Bar
  • Red Hook Winery
  • Little Eva’s
  • Rocky Sullivans
  • The Good Fork
  • Haywood Studios
  • Red Hook Star Revue
  • Realty Collective
  • Saipua
  • ShaRed Brooklyn
  • Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
  • Breuckelen Distilling
  • Art Boards
  • La Newyorkina
  • Wallpaper Projects
  • MQuan Studio
  • Stories BK
  • Lucky Fish
  • DLV Designs
  • Sarkos
  • Dapper Tours
  • Douglass Fanning Design
  • BZippy
  • Love Adorned
  • Laun Los Angeles
  • Chinchar Maloney
  • Wms & Co
  • Ben Wagner Design
  • Patrick Townsend Design
  • The Floral Society
  • Camp Celo
  • Jack from Brooklyn
  • Grindhaus
  • One Girl Cookies
  • Rebecca Atwood Designs
  • Knot & Bow
  • Annika Inez
  • Blue Marble Ice Cream
  • Colson’s Patisserie
  • Rose Red & Lavender
  • Alexandra Ferguson
  • Early Bird Foods
  • Mr. Dog
  • Liddabit Sweets
  • The Wrap Life
  • Calico Wallpaper
  • Rogue Built
  • Maria Castelli Handbags
  • Hazel Village
  • Adams Book Company
  • Vonnegut / Kraft
  • Infinite Wave
  • Flickinger Glass
  • Supersmith
  • Loose Parts
  • Of Rare Origin
  • Amorosa5
  • White Arrow
  • Klum House
  • Building Block
  • Soul Street Yoga
  • Hereafter
  • Me & General Design
  • Peet Rivko
  • epilogic skincare
  • Egg Collective
  • Granola Lab
  • Home Studios
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  • Mr. Boddington’s
  • Jacob Perkins Furniture
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  • Token Furniture
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  • Pat Kim Studio
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  • Wallpaper Projects
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  • A. Cheng
  • Art + Guile
  • Fair Play Projects
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  • Dittohouse
  • Lauren's All Purpose
  • Guacamole Airplane
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  • Coil & Drift
  • Collyer's Mansion
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