Working with Holly begins with a strategy session which includes a full review of your company history as well as a discussion of future goals. After that initial session, Holly arranges private consulting on an hourly basis planning the frequency and number of sessions based on your company’s plan for growth.

Ask Holly How offers services in these four areas of expertise:

Business Growth1

Infrastructure Development2

Culture Change3

Corporate Intrapraneurship & Brand Acquisition4


Starting a business and growing a business require two separate skill sets. The first involves having a passion for your product and bringing it to market. Entrepreneurs also need the very different skill set to build the company vision and grow.


  • Executive Advising
  • Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Financial Projections and Cashflow Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies and Consumer Analysis
  • Assisting in acquiring financing through institutions or investors
  • Selling the company
Fig. 1


A successful business—whether it’s just you or 100 employees—functions as a collection of well executed systems. Everyone benefits from guidelines and structure. From ordering inventory, to hiring staff, to responding to customer complaints—each of these processes can be rationalized and documented. These systems allow entrepreneurs to step out of the day to day and save time, money, and energy in the future.


  • Defining Leadership Philosophy
  • Clarifying Leadership Role and Job Description
  • Creating Organizational Chart
  • Developing Human Resources Tools
  • Constructing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Assembling an Operations Manual
Fig. 2


Peter Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Entrepreneurs who’ve started their company without intentionally creating the right corporate culture will struggle to achieve even the most inspiring vision. Stepping back to reassess and define what that culture can be is vital to succeeding.


  • Identifying Your Purpose and Values
  • Creating Corporate Culture Guidelines
  • Supporting the Navigation of Culture Change
  • Assisting Team Member Transitions
Fig. 3

Corporate Intrapraneurship & Brand Acquisition4

As described by Inc Magazine, “Intrapraneurship is a relatively recent concept that focuses on employees of a company that have many of the attributes of entrepreneurs.” These services support larger corporations wanting their department heads to manage with more autonomy or incorporate innovation while staying connected to the larger corporate culture. These services also ensure a seamless transition during the acquisition of smaller brands guaranteeing the original culture and personal touch remain authentic to the original source.


  • Training in Entrepreneurial Management
  • Planning and Visioning for Corporate Innovation
  • Analyzing and Assisting in Brand Acquisition and Development
Fig. 4

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